Company name Fujitok Corporation

President Yuta Okamoto

Head Office
1-9-16, Kami-JUJO, Kita-ku,
Tokyo 114-0034
Phone:+81-3-3909-1791 Fax:+81-3-3908-6450

Mito Office
MD site Building 201
1-9-45 Nishioshima Hitachinaka-City
Ibaraki 312-0041
Phone:+81-29-275-1211 Fax:+81-29-274-6402


FUJITOK CORPORATION is an international trading company to supply glass components including flat Optical Glass Substrates and some kinds of three-dimensional substrates (Prisms, Lenses and Mirrors) based on each customer’s demand to a lot of manufacturers of optical components in the world.

Company name Diatec Co., Ltd

President Hiroaki Ikeda
Head Office 3-13-31 Aoyagi Souka-City
Saitama 340-0002 Japan
Phone:+81-489-35-0206 Fax:+81-489-35-0204

Precision ablation of Diamond machining for Ceramics

Diatec Co., Ltd

  • Principal manufacturing item : Diamond machining Precision cutting and grinding, Precision cylindrical internal grinding. Super small diameter hole mirror grinding, Round cutting and processing. Ex. 30μmmT x 100μm square cutting is available
  • Materials: Ceramics, Glass, Fused silica, Metals, Plastics, Sapphire etc.
Company name Tokyo Opt-Electronics Co., Ltd
President Yoshiaki Sakata
Head Office 6-5-8 Ooizumi Nerima-ku
Tokyo 178-0065 Japan
Phone:+81-3-3922-7121 Fax:+81-3-3922-9596